Christmas Monastery School of Music (outreach ministry)

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Christmas Monastery has a Go Fund Me Campaign for Literacy Now through Music and the Arts. For centuries, Monasteries have been centers of learning and healing, sharing the Arts with their communities. Our “Hometown Monastery” rents space at 

4750 E. Moody Blvd., Suite 213, Bunnell, Florida, 32110.  Here our current Educational programs of Enrichment with emphasis to Literacy, Gifted Learning Styles, Acceleration and Exceptional Education K-12 and all ages has an Administrative Office with a Music and Art Studio linked to New Tikhvin Skete of the Holy Mother of God

Changes in our Donor Base through death and other circumstances prompts us to make an IMMEDIATE APPEAL to keep our Missionary and Outreach work functioning to serve in our community and grow worldwide using our internet portal

Literacy Now through Music and the Arts appreciates each dollar given. A thank you in recognition of your donation to our Non-Profit Organization will be sent to those individuals and groups who allow us to know their email and or home address. 

Professor Nancy, Treasurer

Mother Elizabeth, Director

New Educational Outreach Address and Administrative Office - and Tutoring Center

4750 E Moody Blvd  Suite 213                           
Bunnell,            FL 32110

Safety is always first in our considerations for development of our Educational Services. 

WRITE ON will begin May  20,  2019 - June 2019.

Meeting time for the teen program will be 3:30-4:30pm

Vespers will be at 5PM.

Adults will be meeting for the English Composition Preparatory College Program at 


The cost will be  $65.-

Registration opens May, 2019.

It is a timely submission of the creative work example of our Professor Nancy as our director of the WR ITE ON! Series,  to share  a recent creation.  ENJOY!

ANT IN CHOIR by Professor Nancy

It was Cheesefare Sunday, and our little choir was singing hymns from the Divine Liturgy when a medium-size ant appeared on our music book. My young companion and I were mesmerized by his travels on the page. He finally stopped near the top and proceeded to wash his antennae and legs. Then he settled down and seemed to sleep. He had found a little niche at the top where our turning the pages avoided touching him. It was also near the light attached to the music stand, so he could be comfortably warm. We figured out when the design of the pages would change and touch him when turned, so my companion took charge of encouraging him to move to a safer place. She took two yellow paper tabs and attempted to pick him up. He moved so fast, startling her so that she dropped the tabs. He ran to the bottom of the music book and dropped onto the stand. As we watched, he again crawled onto the book and made his way up to the top. At this point we had no choice but to turn the pages when needed and let the ant avoid being touched on his own. When she had to go to Sunday School, I continued to oversee his position. The man to my left saw the ant on the page and, thinking to help me, went to brush him off. I quickly interfered , saving the ant from being squashed. I explained to the man that I was protecting the ant and that he seemed to enjoy his forays through the pages. By then he had found a new spot at the top of the book, between the yellow tabs used as markers. Eventually he may have gotten hungry and started running up and down the sides of the book, looking for a way to get down. So I picked up a yellow tab and brushed him off the book, and he landed on the carpet floor. I wished him well in avoiding being trampled as we left our seats.