Help show our history by making an art work submission

  1.  Often referred to as " The Greek Landing of 1768" for the New Smyrna Colony in Florida, help us paint an iconic

representation of the martyrs who crossed the Atlantic Ocean with the hope of having the legal rights to be Christian and to give their land over to their children as an inheritance to live out their faith.  In New Smyrna, the arrivals some murdered on the spot, before they got on the 7 boats, as the bishop and priest that were to come with them, and then on Transfiguration Day when they made the journey to St. Augustine, with the hope the Spanish landlords would do better for them then the English in their faith the Mother of God had protected them to come and build a church and community in America, that then in 1776 would become the United States.

It is important to greet the travelers to the Daytona Airport to know they will walk on grounds sanctified by the blood of these martyrs who yet cry out for their souls to be acknowledged and prayers made in remembrance of their sacrifice.  It is for them and for us  and for what itmeans for all of us to change, transfigure with the Grace of God and our inheritance to go the only preordained route we were created to go, to the "King's Highway" the glory road to heaven.

Submission to be considered for funding in the Daytona Airport have a deadline of February 14, 2020.

This news just came across my radar. I pray some artists will do what we are asking and if not used in the airport we will use in our film making and our monastery development here in Flagler County (Historic St. Augustine). Mother Elizabeth (Carol Bacha), Director Christmas Monastery School of Music and the Sacred and Creative Arts, an outreach ministry of New Tikhvin Skete of the Holy Mother of God, P.O. Box 436, Flagler Beach, Florida 32136.  Donations welcome to help assist getting this news out and to share on Social Media.  We have a monthly internet bill to pay and welcome your donation through PayPal.  

Florida artists are invited to submit two- and three-dimensional works of art for possible display in Daytona Beach Regional Airport’s terminal, which is undergoing major renovations.

The Volusia County Council has allocated $65,000 for the purchase or commissioning of artwork to be displayed in six designated public areas. The Cultural Council of Volusia County, which oversees the county’s Art in Public Places program, will review proposals and make recommendations to the County Council for final approval.

The Art in Public Places program, established in 1990, requires that the county procure art for all new construction, major additions or renovation of county owned buildings. 

Submissions, which are due by Feb. 14, will be considered in any style and medium. The work does not have to be thematic, but the selection committee welcomes submissions that incorporate design elements of aviation or sun, sand and surf. 

For more information about the submission process and requirements, visit contact Robert Redd at rredd@volusia.orgor 386-736-5953, ext. 15872.

Files coming soon.