Grieg "Spring" Flute, Oboe & Bassoon arr by Mother Elizabeth

By using the colors of the double reed instruments, Mother Elizabeth sets the music of Edvard Grieg in this delightful Norwegian melody.  3/4, Waltz time is good for the heart function, and renews the spirit and mind.  "Spring" will be available with additional video materials to aid learning.  Introducing the Letter "A', the student begins and  plays along with the parent, sibling, friend in an easy guided interaction as well as other instruments, from beginners on. 

Click on the title "Spring" to bring up the music and printed notes of the score.  Following the notes as they sound aids in developing and or improving "tracking".  Tracking is important to learning to being a good reader.

Grieg From Norwegian Folk Lullaby

Grieg Lullaby for Sasha and Mary (mp4)


Grieg Lullaby Flute (wav)


Grieg "Once Upon a Time - for piano

  1. Part 1 is in E minor and slower with dotted rhythms ascending and then descending,  Grieg's love of chords, using Romantic period thirds brings distinction to the moving inner voices.  

Open the PDF to see the musical score  (NOTES) WHILE LISTENING TO THE WAV (THE  sound)  enjoy1  PART 1

Grieg "Once Upon a Time" 1 (pdf)


Grieg "Once Upon a Time" 1 (wav)